About Us


I created DYP Consulting because I identified a gap in providing proven Executive Coaching techniques to a more diverse and inclusive population of people. In doing so, I wanted to ensure that my own personal and professional values were fully reflected in the way that we run our business and in the coaching programs and protocols that we develop.

DYP Consulting is a women-owned collaboration of practitioners from the senior ranks of the financial services and marketing industries. Together we have deep experience in capital markets, retail banking, and credit cards across the functions of marketing, sales, consulting, technology, operations & client service. We are harnessing that knowledge to empower high potential individuals to deliver improved client experience, reduced risk and better financial results. We are focused on bringing concrete, measurable benefit to an organization’s top and bottom-line. We believe that improved results are driven through successful leaders within an organization and we believe that there is a case to take a different approach to developing high potential individuals.

As we work with senior leaders, we frame learning and development goals in the context of real stretch assignments or demanding projects/programs that deliver tangible results to support the individual’s career progression. We provide the individual with coaching and support to ensure they succeed to the maximum of their potential. We believe that individuals learn and grow most effectively when their learning happens by working through real-life situations. We believe that a concrete contribution to the profitability of the enterprise or a measurable improvement in client experience, quality or reduction of risk is an essential part of the equation. But we all know some of the greatest learning comes with ‘failure’ and that is DYP Consulting plays a role, acting as the experienced safety net for the individual and the organization.

We believe that the most successful leaders start to develop a fully rounded set of capabilities at an early stage in their careers. Building a habit of linking development goals with measurable business benefit from the start helps individuals to build a comprehensive skill-set gradually as they move through the organization. Too many talented staff struggle with their first leadership role because they are being exposed to disciplines such as financial or people management for the first time.

Lofty goals, you might say. We agree. To back them up, DYP Consulting leverages cutting edge techniques developed by Dr. Stan Rodski, ThinkGroup Neurosciences, to enable everyone to perform at their Peak Performance in those game-changer moments. Individuals who are coached using The BrainEdge™ techniques are able to consistently demonstrate better performance in high-pressure environments in a healthy way.

We want to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty as we support you in delivering the results that your business demands. We know we will have to write some decks along the way but we prefer to work with your top talent to get things done and leave you with more capabilities than you had when we started. Leaving you with a pristine deck to gather dust on the shelf is not our style.

Our approach can also be used successfully with teams, departments, divisions, lines of business or complete organizations. We want to be the partner who shares our expertise as we teach you how to fish, not the vendor that sells you fish and then comes back to try to sell you more.

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