#MyBirthdayPresent, #FathersShowCongressyouCare – $5 donation to Planned Parenthood


As it’s my birthday, I’m going to be cheeky (Brit slang for any American friends reading this) and ask each of you for a birthday present. Not for me, but for some who are a lot less fortunate than me.
All of you lovely ladies – here is my ask of you; when it is your next birthday, please would you consider asking all of your male friends to donate $5 to your country’s Planned Parenthood charity to ensure that teenagers and young adults at risk have somewhere to go if they have no money and no-one to turn to, quoting the hashtags #MyBirthdayPresent & #FathersShowCongressyouCare. I’m not advocating anything controversial, I just want to preserve one of the few safe havens for teens and young people who might have nowhere else to go.
For the men – especially Fathers, please would you consider donating $5 to your country’s Planned Parenthood charity, #MyBirthdayPresent & #FathersShowCongressyouCare to show your government that this isn’t just a women’s issue – it is an everyone issue.
Many of us have young adults at college. Whilst we all hope that they would all come to us of they were in need of help and advice, many of them are far from from home and I’d like to think that they have somewhere safe to go – just in case. I’m also mentoring a lovely young lady trying to get to college through the charity Let’s Get Ready. Knowing her situation, I am pretty sure that if she ever needed advice or a safe haven for healthcare, this is going to be her ONLY option.
And in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness #breastcancer month (and I’m sure that you all know this but ..) just one of the things that Planned Parenthood does is to provide cancer screening for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer to people who don’t have access to those services elsewhere.
Who knows, we are a pretty amazing group of people, maybe we could drink one less Starbucks, start a trend and make a difference?

By DYP Peak Performance Consulting

I specialize in performance coaching in high pressure environments. I use Neuroscience-based Peak Performance Consulting, focusing on individuals at the top of their field in/around New York.

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