Why I want my Fund Manager to use Neurocoaching

US Markets 5 days May 2016   A quick look at the S&P500 chart for the first week of May 2016 shows that we may have a bumpy ride ahead of us during the Summer.

S&P April   The Spring-like optimism seen in the month of April seems to have evaporated as we begin our journey through uncharted waters in the run-up to Convention season and a General Election.

So what on earth does that have to do with Neurocoaching? Why do I care what type of training, development or coaching the staff at my Fund Manager is getting? Well I care because our economy is also traveling through uncharted waters. The strategies that worked in the past are not always going toward in the future and I want to be sure that the team of people looking after my money are performing at their very best, at their PEAK.

I want the Fund Managers looking after my money to be reviewing the stats and seeing what is really there [and not just what they want to see]. This is easier to say than do. Traders and Fund Managers frequently operate in an environment of pressure,stress and sleep deprivation. Not an ideal environment to support the very best decision-making processes that need to be executed in a nano-second.

The research of the MIND Peak Performance Institute has 25 years of science that underpins a series of powerful techniques, MINDfulness-at-YourDesk ©, to counteract the impact of working in a fast-paced, stressful environment on the minimum amount of sleep. Their evidence-based approach has helped trading groups around the world to deliver improved bottom-line results.

How do they do it? MINDfulness-at-YourDesk © is focused on helping individuals to manage their energy, specifically brain energy, in real-life situations. When we deprive our brain of what it needs to perform, usually through poor nutrition, lack of hydration or lack of sleep, this amazing and complex organ initiates processes to protect it’s energy supply. There is no substitute for adequate nutrition, water intake or sleep; but recognizing that we all live in the real world, the MIND Peak Performance Institute has developed proven, measurable techniques in conjunction with a population of over 3,000,000 research participants over 25+ years. Just 6m 57s of the Colourtation © technique in conjunction with α brainwave inducing music can restore the same amount of energy as 25 minutes of sleep.

If your Fund Managers aren’t using MINDfulness-at-YourDesk ©, ask them why not. To make sure your money is being looked after by Fund Managers working at their PEAK Performance, find out more at developyourpotential.net.



By DYP Peak Performance Consulting

I specialize in performance coaching in high pressure environments. I use Neuroscience-based Peak Performance Consulting, focusing on individuals at the top of their field in/around New York.

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