Day 254

Really enjoying the chance to be outside on a sunny porch for my meditation practice. The feel of the breeze and the warmth of the sun really help to be connected to the world around me.

Day 251

To take the unexpected path, the path less traveled, requires effort. But the effort to allow the clouds to part, to wait for the blue sky to appear is worth the focus and effort.

Day 250

250 days! This certainly feels like another milestone. Hard to believe that there are fewer days to go in my one year journey than I have traveled to date.

Day 249

Our brain rewards us for extending positive intent and positive feelings even when there is no immediate reward. And how much nicer it is to exist in a state of positivity šŸ™‚

Day 248

A beautiful spring morning. An opportunity to reinforce positive neural networks by catching ourselves in the act of kindness.

Day 247

Exactly what I was thinking during my meditation today!

Day 246

A reminder that it takes effort to be unkind, rather than allowing our natural kindness and generosity to shine through.

Day 245

The conclusion of a set of challenging techniques. Looking forward to what I will be learning in the next set.

Day 244

The wonderful thing about meditation is that all I have to do is to be in the moment. No expectations, no deliverables – just quiet in that moment in time.