DYP Partners

DYP Peak Performance Consulting is closely aligned with a number of partners and professionals in the Neuroscience and Consulting fields. We recognize the amazing contribution that these partners have made to our success and recommend them to anyone wishing to broaden their perspective.

Think Group Neurosciences, founded by Dr. Stan Rodski is the primary partner of DYP Peak Performance Consulting. Dr. Rodski also founded Melbourne Institute of Neuroscience Diagnosis [MIND]. DYP collaborates with MIND Peak Performance to access the benefit of 25+ years of research and a global database containing 4+ million records from around the globe.

Dr. Justin James Kennedy [University of Pretoria; Mclean Hospital Harvard Medical School] is a globally recognized professor of neuroscience, executive coach and keynote speaker, aspiring executives to peak performance. His work is based on data, biotechnology and ensures medically measurable results.

Performance 20/20 is a sports performance consultancy specializing in improving Cognitive Vision processing for peak performance in sports. Founded by Dr. Jennifer Stewart, a passionate athlete herself, Performance 20/20 is bringing improved performance – and healthier outcomes – to athletes in Southern CT.


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