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Inkling Women

is an organization founded in Australia with the objective of getting 50% of women into leadership roles across the globe. DYP are excited to support Inkling Women in their goal. One of the free services that Inkling Women provides in support of this goal is Inkling TV.

I posted a recent episode from Inking TV, a very interesting insight into unhelpful and unhealthy stress responses – How to Limit Unhealthy Stress Behaviors and I was excited to see another great episode from the team this week – How to Maximize and Grow Your Natural TalentsIn this Sophie Hampel shares some feedback from a viewer based in Zimbabwe and builds on this to share 3 practical tips on how to build on and grow your natural strengths.

  1. Feel your strengths. As Sophie mentions in the video this might seem a little odd. The tip from DYP is to consider replacing the word “feel” with the following where your energy and enthusiasm lies. Cognitive neuroscience research is able to help us make a clear connection between energy levels and undertaking tasks/work that is not aligned to our core values and beliefs. We believe that this will help you to differentiate between a lack of enthusiasm and the potential for ‘fear’ that you might not succeed.
  2. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Sophie is spot on! With our neural networks it is strictly a “use it or lose it” equation. Whether building new ways of doing/thinking or reinforcing existing strengths – consistent practice is essential.
  3. Don’t limit yourself. At DYP, we love that Sophie gives a solid practical example of what this means – and we love that her example showcases creativity. We believe – strongly – that everyone has a streak of creativity that they can access. Several of the techniques within The BrainEdge™ support a freer, clearer mind so that our creative instincts can come to the fore.

Take the time to subscribe to the Inkling Women newsletter and TV Channel. This is a great resource and let’s come together to champion a movement to get Inkling Women to the US!

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