Manage Your Energy & Improve Creativity

creative-problem-solving-innovation-300x300In 2017, improving the performance of teams responsible for creativity and innovation seems firmly established as the hot topic for the larger, more established organizations. Industry disruptors of every size and shape are emerging to challenge the status quo in almost every sector. These ‘Disruptors’ seem able to move and adapt at lightening speed, often because they are not weighed down by organizational legacy of, “this is the way it has always been done around here”. There are many, many Innovation Initiatives that have either fallen by the wayside or are under-performing because they are simply unable to break free of the organization’s past.

Assuming that genuine Top-Down support for change is in place, releasing the creative, innovative core of an established organization relies on critical mass in three primary areas within the talent pool:

  1. Individuals who demonstrate flexible and adaptable thinking patterns
  2. Individuals willing to be a champion for change
  3. Individuals with the energy to persevere in the face of opposition and resistance

The DYP Webinar, Manage Your Energy and Improve Creativity focuses on identifying, matching and supporting the individuals within an organization who are responsible for driving the creative, innovation engine forward.

  • Participants start the process with two online questionnaires that assess the individual’s brain adaptability, perceived work/personal pressure and energy levels
  • Individuals will then receive a Brain Adaptability© Map and a personal Energy Analysis© that identifies their current energy level across the dimensions of Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual energy
  • Each person then receives their personalized link to the webinar presentation hosted by Dr. Stan Rodski, Improving the Brain’s Creativity Through Better Energy Flow

Equipped with analysis of their strengths and challenges in this space, plus key techniques for managing energy and improving brain adaptability, individuals are re-energized and better supported to drive the creative agenda forward in their organizations.

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