Manage Your Stress


Stress is a part of our daily lives – personal and professional. We all need some stress – or we might never rise from our beds each day! However, for some individuals their current level of stress can feel unbearable and they need to seek urgent relief. The negative health impacts of Chronic Stress on individuals have been well documented with the most severe impacts seen in the rising levels of heart disease and stroke in the developed world. If you are a C-Suite executive concerned with the impact of healthcare costs to your organization, you will already be aware of the billions of $ in lost productivity that impact world economies every year.

The DYP Online Webinar, Managing Stress, is a solution for individuals and organizations alike.

  • Participants receive an email link enabling them to complete an online questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire are returned in the form of a Brain Heat Map© analysis identifying the source and intensity of the stress that they are currently facing
  • Each person receives a copy of the Modern Meditation adult coloring book [snail mail!] based on the Colourtation© technique designed by Dr. Stan Rodski
  • Participants are then directed to their personalized link to the Video seminar, “Calming the Brain Using the Colourtation© technique

The analysis, coupled with the video equips each individual to use their copy of Modern Meditation to provide immediate relief.

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