myBrainEdge[TM] Kit

cognitive-nutrition-kitmyBrainEdge™ is a portable kit that complements The NeuroPod™ and the Executive Coaching Program. The myBrainEdge™ kits contents have been designed specifically to stimulate all of the senses, as needed, to promote Relaxation, Regeneration, Focus, Inspiration and Activation.

The Relaxation to Activation cycle is initiated by placing noise reducing earbuds into the ears and listening to the Colourtation© Alpha-wave inducing soundtracks on SoundCloud. Combined with the Modern Medi-tation©  adult coloring books [includes coloring pencils], stress responses are eased and adrenaline/cortisol are flushed from the system.

Headaches are eased and regeneration is supported by using the scalp massager to enhance the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain.

For cases of heightened stress, aromatic teas are included. The act of brewing the tea, inhaling the aroma and cupping the hands around the warm mug, stimulates the release of oxytocin – the feel good hormone – further reducing the feeling of stress.

Each recipient of the kit is provided with a set of personalized exercises that assist in reducing the impact of the stress response and enable reactivation in a healthy way. The personalized plan is based on the initial assessment completed by the individual.

The contents of the myBrainEdge™ Kit are fully portable and can be used at the desk, at home or during travel to promote energy management and better sleep.


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