The BrainEdge [TM] – Executive Coaching Program for Peak Performance


DYP Consulting offers two individual Executive Coaching programs for Peak Performance, 10 weeks and 15 weeks, aimed specifically at individuals operating at a senior level in High Pressure environments – and loving it! Our programs have been optimized for financial services, media & advertising and sports.

The goal is to enable individuals who thrive in fast-paced, high pressure environments to improve performance on demand at game-changing moments. On completion of the program individuals will be able to see measurable improvement to their best performance across their personal and professional lives in a brain-healthy way. Typical results show a 20 – 30% improvement.

Click the link below to download a program summary,The BrainEdge[TM] Executive Coaching Program 2017 The BrainEdge[TM] Executive Coaching Program . To find out how you can get your BrainEdge™ call Paula Bowie on +1 (203) 219-0401 or send an email to

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