Day 317

I see doubt as a manifestation of the fear response. It is so easy for us to buy into doubt and so step back from achieving our full potential.

Day 316

Lots to consider in today’s practice. Learning to listen to the signals our brain and body give us, eliminating the every day noise requires practice to perfect.

Day 315

I believe our concepts of security and certainty have been challenged by the pandemic. Possibly that’s a good thing because change is constantly going on all around us.

Day 314

There is nothing so certain as change!

Day 313

Very important session for me today – lots going on in my brain. I’ll need to be mindful all day long !

Day 312

The weekend approaches. I’m excited for a little extra lie in and some time in the pool.

The Outdoor Office – Jun 10

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted from the outdoor office. I’m excited for the hydrangeas that are starting to flower and fascinated by the process as the flower heads turn from green to pale green and now to blue. My bulbs are also growing fast. Both are now a similar height although one started to grow almost a week and a half before the other. I find this a great reminder that people develop in different ways and at different paces but reach their destiny when they’re ready.

Day 311

It seems so obvious now it is explained, that if my mind is restless I will likely experience that in my body too. Reflecting on experiences when I’ve felt that way, I can completely identify with that.

Day 310

Today’s exercise offers an opportunity to see if the moments of distraction that pull me away from mindfulness correlate with my energy levels. I think there might be something in that !

Day 309

My focus for today – and the next couple of days is to monitor the rise and fall of my energy level. I’m looking forward to reviewing the results.