Day 364

374 consecutive days of meditation to date. Officially the end of the Headspace 365 sessions – and just the start of the next phase of my journey.

Day 363

Hard to believe I am just 2 days away from completing my year long meditation journey!

Day 348

An exciting day ahead. Working to stay balanced and focused at the same time.

Day 347

This speaks clearly to why an individual is building a meditation practice – and how it might impact continuing connections with others around us.

Day 346

I’ve found that my commitment to traveling the 365 journey with headspace has really helped my daily practice. I definitely notice the difference after nearly a year.

Day 345

Just 20 days to go of my 365 day journey with Headspace. I’ve come to really look forward to the period of space at the beginning of the day.

Day 344

I find it helpful to think of obstacles as another means to develop my meditation practice – as opposed to a barrier to progress.

Day 343

A reminder that our experience of the events in our life is not universal.

Day 342

Today’s exercise highlights how easy it is to default to a mode of judgement rather than just resting with the experience.

Day 341

Interesting to consider if it is the same people or the same things that throw you off course in your mindfulness journey each day.

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