Time, Talent, Energy

The Harvard Business Review Press imprint have just released a great new book; Time, Talent, Energy. Authored by Michael Mankins and Eric Garton [Bain & Company], they build on the successful HBR article, “Your Scarcest Resource” to explore the underlying factors that come together to create “organizational drag”.

When I saw the teaser paragraph on my HBR feed, it piqued my interest right away. Who hasn’t been frustrated at how organizations sometimes seem unable to get out of their own [or their employees] way? If back-to-back meetings that do not seem to have a real purpose or unnecessary bureaucracy resonates with you, then this easy to read book is for you. The authors have a relaxed conversational style – but don’t let that fool you. The book is well organized, well laid out and has a solid objective fact base to back up the conclusions that they make.

At DYP we are seeing a lot of alignment between the conclusions drawn by Mankins & Garton and the areas that The BrainEdge™ focus on. Specifically, the need to identify talent with a high level of Learning Agility resonates with the team at DYP. Well worth a read!