Time, Talent, Energy

Back in 2017 the Harvard Business Review Press imprint released a great book; Time, Talent, Energy. Authored by Michael Mankins and Eric Garton [Bain & Company], they build on the successful HBR article, “Your Scarcest Resource” to explore the underlying factors that come together to create “organizational drag”.

When I first saw the teaser paragraph on my HBR feed, it piqued my interest right away. Who hasn’t been frustrated at how organizations sometimes seem unable to get out of their own [or their employees] way? If back-to-back meetings that do not seem to have a real purpose or unnecessary bureaucracy resonates with you, then this easy to read book is for you. The authors have a relaxed conversational style – but don’t let that fool you. The book is well organized, well laid out and has a solid objective fact base to back up the conclusions that they make.

3+ years later, after a year of back to back meetings on Zoom, the principles of the book are as relevant as they were when the book was first published. Well worth a read!

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