Useful Resources

Here are some of the articles/blogs that are catching the attention of the DYP team. Follow us for a selection that ranges from the serious to the silly. Enjoy and share!

Inkling Women

Inkling Women is an organization founded in Australia with the objective of driving to 50% of women in senior roles across the globe. DYP are excited to support Inkling Women in their goal. Click here for the latest episode from Inking TV, a very interesting insight into unhelpful and unhealthy stress responses – Inkling Women – How to Limit Unhealthy Stress Behaviors.

The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds [Michael Lewis, W.W. Norton & Company]


As students/practitioners of Cognitive Neuroscience, we are all looking forward to reading this book, by the acclaimed author of Moneyball, The Blind Side, which presents an argument to challenge the notion that humans are rational decision makers.

Brain bias in decision-making, especially in situations of high pressure/high emotion, is a significant focus for executive coaches in this area. Take a look at Goodreads [] for a really robust description of the book and thoughtful reviews from a wide variety of perspectives. Another great place to take a look is the publishers webpage [] which also contains links to some interesting articles on the subject.

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